This is a community led, inter-generational and co-created record of the stories and lessons we remember, share and then gather together. These stories are inspired by both the current unprecedented times we are living through and also from the past.

Initially, this group was formed in partnership with a local care organisation, Chorlton Good Neighbours, where we met in person to create a written record of some of the stories recorded during our chats. However, from March 2020, due to social distancing measures, we established our own group and those able to have now started to meet online regularly as a way of staying connected.  

On this site, we will be sharing stories and lessons we have learned with you. We hope you get as much out of reading them as we did sharing, hearing and writing them. Please subscribe to show your support and to receive notifications of new posts.

Our aims

  • To create a space to express and record our reflections as individuals and a collective
  • To keep a record of this time in history as well as lived experience from the past
  • To provide something uplifting and thought provoking for others to read that helps them make sense of or reflect on these times and how they fit into a bigger picture
  • To draw others into the online group
  • To have the potential to inspire and model a way for other groups to connect in the same way
  • To give a sense of purpose, individual and collective
  • To create something collaboratively and as a community.