Hi, my name is Jolene Sheehan.

In 2019, I led a community writing project in Chorlton. This brought together people who like to listen and write with those who have stories to tell. You can read more about how we collaboratively wrote and published a book together here. Since March 2020, and the need for social distancing, I adapted Stories of Our Lives to become an online project.

With the support of the people whose words you will read on this blog, I continue to learn about what makes stories so important and how we can connect and make sense of the world through them. My role is to lead meetings that connect people and also to help co-ordinate the production of this blog.

Hi, I am Margaret Kendall

In September 2019, I was enthralled by the presentation of the Stories of our Lives project as part of the Chorlton Arts and Book Festival.  Reading the book afterwards was such a pleasure that it made me very keen to take part in the next phase in 2020.   I’ve lived in the Chorlton/Whalley Range area since 1980 and now that I’ve retired from paid work, I’m glad to have more time to contribute to my community and participate in this inspirational project. My role will be to help collate and edit the written posts for this blog and also the monthly newsletter we will produce. I will also be contributing my own written pieces.

The writers and storytellers.

Tony, Linda, Joe, Susan, Nouri, Lindy, Alberto, Georgia, Hazel, Helen, Jane, Jez, Marianne, Nina, Jamie, Tiffani, Judith, Jean T, Mark, Mike, Anne, Ann, Babs, Lucy, Jean B, Mark, Ben, Ellie, Margaret W, Gerard, Pauline, Babs, Annette, Maureen, Maxine, Su, Sue and Danielle have been fantastic contributors so far. Maybe you would like to add your name to this list? Contact us on thestoriesofourlives@outlook.com to find out more.