Recently, we had a very friendly and talented guest in the form of Gillian Torres. Gillian is a writer who also helps people connect to their own voices and tell their own tales, through therapeutic writing and cathartic conversations. She also has her own website called where she offers an audio memoir service that is very much in keeping with our values at The Stories of Our Lives. When I chatted to her about our group and this blog, she wanted to come along and offer her services to our members so we could get a taste of what she does.

To describe her work, it’s probably best to quote Gillian herself. “I have always been fascinated with people’s stories. I am the person you will find in the corner at parties, asking people questions about their lives and listening to their tales, engrossed with what emerges as we chat. I really wanted to create this experience through the work I do, so I decided to offer a service where I interview people about their life stories, and then record what we talk about, finally turning this into an audio file so they can share their memories with others, or simply have a record for themselves.”

Below, you will see a couple of snippets of the interviews that Gillian conducted with two members of our group. You can find more, plus their feedback, on her website.

As our group members have testified, Gillian is very easy to talk to and a joy to work with. If you are interested in getting her help with recording your stories or those of someone you know, contact her via the following email.

Helen’s travelling experiences
Linda talks about school memories

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